School clothing with logo

School clothing with logo

School clothing with logo – Reliable Quality, Individual Style.

Clothing for kindergartens, elementary schools and universities.

From kindergartens to colleges and universities, our company is an excellent partner in providing high-quality school apparel with personalized logos. We are proud of our wide assortment, which includes apparel for all levels of education, from the youngest to the oldest students.

Our emphasis on quality is constant. Every detail, from fabrics to finishes, is carefully selected to ensure durability and comfort all day long. In addition, our personalization capabilities allow colleges to express their uniqueness by adding a personalized logo to our products.

One of our flagship products are woven logo ties. Created with the utmost precision, our ties are elegant, durable and ideal for everyday wear by students and school personnel. Available in a variety of colors and designs, our logo ties add a dash of class to any school uniform.

For those who prefer a more casual style, we also offer printed scarves. With their lightweight and comfortable fabric, scarves are the perfect addition to any school closet. Our printing capabilities allow for precise reproduction of logos, making scarves the perfect way to highlight your school community.

We are confident that our logo school apparel not only emphasizes the school’s identity, but also builds a sense of belonging and pride among students and staff. With our experience and passion for excellence, we are a leader in the school apparel industry, staying true to our values of quality and individuality.

School Ties and Ties with Individual Logo: Classics Meets Comfort

Our collection of logo schoolwear especially showcases our ties and neckties that combine classic elegance with comfortable wear. No matter what your preference, we offer a variety of options that ensure a perfect fit and comfort.

For traditionalists, we offer our classic tie ties. Each is made from the highest quality fabrics, guaranteeing an elegant look and durability. What’s more, our ties are available in a variety of lengths and widths to ensure the perfect fit for individual preferences.

However, for those who prefer convenience and speed, we offer our rubber band ties with adjustable circumference. This innovative option allows you to put on a tie quickly and easily, while ensuring comfort thanks to the adjustable circumference. This is ideal for the youngest students who are just learning to tie ties, as well as for those who appreciate practicality in everyday use.


Whichever option you choose, our ties and neckties are the perfect way to emphasize school identity and elegance. With customizable logos, everyone in the school community can express their affiliation with pride and style.

School scarves with logos – Unique Accents, Individualized Style

School logo scarves are unique accessories that not only complement style, but also stand out with their aesthetics on school outfits.

Designed with attention to detail, they provide not only functionality, but also an aesthetically pleasing look that sets students and school staff apart.

Scarves are not only a practical accessory, but also an expression of individuality. Each neckerchief is patterned and colored to perfectly match the logo tie. As a result, students can create a complete and cohesive school outfit that simultaneously emphasizes their identity and style. Our neckerchiefs are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees not only durability, but also comfort when worn throughout the day. Their lightweight texture makes them an ideal accessory for both everyday wear and special school occasions.

With the ability to personalize your logo, our scarves are a unique way to express your school affiliation. Regardless of age or style, everyone can find a way to express themselves with class and elegance.

Classic socks, sports socks with logo, school crest

Our offer does not end with ties and scarves. We also offer classic and sports socks with personalized logos, which are the perfect complement for elementary schools and universities. Our socks are carefully designed to provide not only comfort, but also a stylish presentation for students and school staff. Whether used during daily classes or sports activities, our logo socks are a hallmark of the school community. With our wide range of classic and sporty designs, every school can find the perfect socks to match their character and individuality.

skarpety sportowe

We provide free designs to fit the unique needs of each school. Whether you need a small batch of socks for a small group of students or a large quantity for your entire school community, we are ready to fulfill your order. Starting from an order of 50, you can take advantage of our services, providing your school with elegant and comfortable socks with a personalized logo.

Multibandans (chimneys) with your school logo

We are pleased to present our offer for multibandanas (mantels) with your school’s logo! Whether you’re a student, teacher or alumni, our multibandans are a great way to express your affiliation with your educational institution.

What’s more, we offer the ability to produce custom designs starting at just 5 pieces! This allows you to have a unique design that will set you apart from others. Our company makes sure that every detail is perfect, from the quality of the materials to the precise workmanship.

Don’t wait any longer, order multibandanas with your school logo today and express your school spirit!

Classic bandanas with logo

In addition to multibandanas with school logos, we also offer classic bandanas with logos, the crest of your educational institution. Our bandanas are not only stylish, but also extremely practical, especially during summer camps, camps or school trips.

Made of high-quality materials, our bandanas provide not only comfort, but also protection from the sun, wind and dust. Their universal size makes them fit both adults and children, making them an ideal addition to the school closet.

Having a bandana with the school crest not only builds a sense of belonging to the school community, but is also a practical accessory for all kinds of outdoor activities.

So don’t hesitate any longer – choose our classic bandanas with your school’s logo and be prepared for any adventure during colonies, camps and school trips

Clothing and accessories for schools – Example of a woven tie with logo

krawaty dla uczelni wyższych

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