Scarves, shawls of mixed fabrics silk / wool

Scarves, shawls of mixed fabrics silk / wool

Scarves, shawls of mixed fabrics silk / wool

In the rich world of fashion and style, scarves and shawls made of silk and wool blended fabrics are a true jewel in the crown of accessories. These unique pieces of clothing not only exude elegance, but also offer unparalleled functionality, combining the superior quality of silk with the natural warmth of wool.

The history of these products goes deep into the tradition of textile craftsmanship, where masterful skills meet the finest materials to create something unique. In classic silk and wool scarves and neckerchiefs, we find a perfectly balanced composition of fabrics, usually consisting of 40% silk and 60% wool, although sometimes the proportions can vary slightly, such as 48% silk and 52% wool.

This harmonious blend guarantees not only the durability of the product, but also the incredible pleasure of wearing it. Thanks to the presence of silk, a scarf or neckerchief acquires extraordinary softness and delicacy, making it exceptionally pleasant to the touch. This is ideal for those who want to feel the luxury of silk on themselves, while enjoying the natural warmth of wool.

Silk-wool scarves and shawls are therefore not only closet items, but also a manifestation of elegance and comfort. They are an indispensable addition to any styling, adding unique charm and class.

Specifications of scarves and shawls:

Fabric : 40% silk / 60% wool or 48% silk / 52% wool.

Structure (weave) of the fabric : twill [twill].

Size : 85x85cm, 30x130cm, 40x160cm, 60x180cm and non-standard sizes

Imprint : “ink-jet digital”

Quantity : starting from 100 pieces

Additional labeling : logo label, descriptive cardboard box

Packing : each scarf packed in a bag in the price

Deadlines : competitive completion dates without any surcharges

Designing 1-2 days
Sample 2 weeks
Order execution 2 weeks after sample approval

Price : competitive price


We can also sew scarves, shawls from other fabrics with your own design/color/logo.

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