Prints on textiles

Prints on textiles

Production of fabrics for scarves, shawls, pocket squares and bow ties with your own individual design, logo.

Scarves, shawls, pocket squares and bow ties are fashion accessories that not only add elegance and style, but also provide the perfect medium for personalized designs and logos. Choosing the right fabric and printing technique is key to achieving the desired effect. Below we will discuss the possibilities of printing on various fabrics with the production of these accessories in mind.

We can print on fabrics:

100% SIlk

Characteristics: silk is a luxurious material known for its smoothness, luster and lightness. It is very fine and soft to the touch, making it an ideal choice for elegant scarves and shawls.

Printing: Printing on silk is best done by screen printing or digital printing with suitable inks. These techniques produce intense, vivid colors and high print durability. Silk accepts dyes very well, which makes it possible to obtain detailed and expressive designs.

Use: Silk scarves and shawls are elegant and luxurious, ideal for special occasions and as fashion exclusive pieces.

100% Polyester

Characteristics: polyester is a synthetic material that has high durability, flexibility and crease resistance. It is also easy to maintain and wash.

Printing: Depending on the type of prototype, we fulfill orders by printing scarves using dies. In this technique, each color of the scarf requires a separate die, which is applied to the fabric in a separate process.

Another method we use is digital printing. It involves direct transfer of the design to the fabric, which allows us to create multicolored, even photorealistic designs. Digital printing is distinguished by its ability to fulfill even very small orders, starting with as few as 20 pieces. This makes it an ideal option for customers who need short runs of products.

Regardless of the technique chosen, our scarves made of polyester fabrics are always prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, which guarantees high quality and customer satisfaction.

Use: Polyester is ideal for scarves and shawls to be used on a daily basis, especially in conditions that require durability and easy care.

100 % Wool

Characteristics: Wool is a natural material with excellent thermal properties. It is soft, warm and pleasant to the touch, making it an excellent choice for winter scarves.

Printing: Printing on wool requires the use of special inks that will not damage the delicate fibers. The best methods are screen printing or digital printing with reactive inks, which ensure durability and clarity of designs.

Use: Wool scarves and shawls are ideal for the colder months, offering both warmth and elegance. They are an excellent choice for luxury winter accessories.

tkanina 100% wool - 100% wełna

100% Modal

Characteristics: Modal is a plant-based material known for its softness, lightness and ability to absorb moisture. It is pleasant to the touch and breathable.

Printing: Modal takes well to various printing techniques, such as screen printing, digital printing and pigment inks. These methods produce clear and durable patterns on the fabric.

Use: Modal scarves and shawls are lightweight, soft and comfortable, ideal for warm days or as elegant accessories for any season.

100% Cotton

Characteristics: Cotton is a versatile material that is soft, breathable and comfortable. It is also easy to care for and skin-friendly.

Printing: Cotton is ideal for a variety of printing techniques, such as screen printing, digital printing and transfer printing using water-based or pigment inks. The resulting designs are vibrant and durable.

Use: Cotton scarves and shawls are practical and comfortable, ideal for everyday wear and as casual accessories.

30% Silk / 70% Cotton

Characteristics: Silk-cotton blend combines the luxurious look of silk with the practicality of cotton. It is soft, airy and delicate to the touch.

Printing: Printing on this blend can be done by methods used for both silk and cotton. The best results come from digital printing and screen printing using appropriate inks.

Use: Scarves and shawls made from this blend are elegant yet practical. Perfect for everyday wear with a touch of luxury.

Silk / Modal

Characteristics: The combination of silk and modal creates a fabric that is extremely soft and luxurious. It is lightweight, delicate and pleasant to the touch.

Printing: Printing on this blend can be a challenge, but using the right techniques, such as digital printing, allows for clear and durable designs. Reactive inks work best here.

Use: Silk and modal scarves and shawls are ideal for elegant occasions, offering comfort and luxury at the same time.

Silk / Wool

Characteristics: A blend of silk and wool combines the advantages of both materials to create a luxurious, warm and durable fabric. It is soft and warm, with the soft sheen of silk.

Printing: Printing on this fabric requires delicate inks and techniques that will not damage the fibers. Screen printing and digital printing with acid inks are the best methods here.

Use: Silk and wool scarves are ideal for winter days, offering both warmth and elegance. They are perfect as luxurious accessories for winter styling.

In summary, choosing the right fabric and printing technique is crucial for the production of scarves and shawls with a logo or individual design. Each fabric has its own unique properties that affect the appearance and durability of the print, allowing you to create unique and exceptional products.

Production of fabrics
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