Pins with logo

Pins with logo


Pins with logo allow you to highlight your company name and its unique logo.

Despite its small size, a pin is the perfect place to put your company colours or logo.

We can make pins in individual shapes, colours.

There are many different methods of finishing pins, depending on the desired effect.

Possible pin finishing options include:

Soft enamel filling: Creates a concave surface, and the color can be customized to an agreed-upon color palette.

Hard enamel: Gives a smooth surface to the pin by additional curing at high temperature in an oven.

In addition, the pins can be gilded, silvered or patinated to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

Personalized pins are an excellent tool for promoting your brand at various events, conferences, or business meetings. With their individual shape and finish, they can effectively attract attention and be a valuable part of your company’s corporate identity.


The epoxy pins are made with a brass backing, which serves as a base, and a 3D resin convex sticker.

Each pin comes with a butterfly or pin fastener, making it easy to attach to clothing or other surfaces.

Standard pin shapes include:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular

available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and aesthetic preferences. Thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes of epoxy pins, they can be used for many purposes, from decorating clothing to personalizing handbags or backpacks.

“*Pictures show examples of pins made by PROMO-HOUSE. Photos are only for presentation of quality and exemplary technology of making pins. All rights to the trademarks on the pins made are vested in the entitled entities / in particular their owners/.”

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