Badges, popularly known as buttons,

are one of the most economical forms of pinning available on the market. They are made of aluminum, which guarantees durability and aesthetics. Any graphic can be placed on these badges, which can be printed in CMYK color and additionally laminated with foil for increased durability. It is possible to choose printing in a metallic or fluorescent shade, which adds uniqueness and attractiveness to the elements. In addition, there is an option to laminate with 3D foil, which gives the stamp a striking look and makes it stand out from others.

The assortment offered by our company includes round stamps with a diameter of 25 to 158 mm, as well as square and rectangular stamps, available in various sizes. This significantly expands the possibilities for personalization and customization.

We also offer paper stamps, which can be an excellent alternative for those looking for eco-friendly solutions. We would especially like to draw your attention to our new product – biodegradable stamps with a diameter of 58 mm. Caring about environmental protection, we are introducing eco-friendly, fully biodegradable stamps to our offer. This is an innovative approach that allows us and our customers to act with respect for nature and future generations.

See our other products with your own design/color/logo.

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